Facebook® JPG Finder

Facebook® JPG Finder 1.2

Scans and finds the images that belong to users on Facebook
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Identifies the people in the images that have an account on Facebook. Looks through a local folder and assigns user/id data to pictures.

Facebook® JPG Finder (FJF) is a tool that searches a selected folder (and optionally, sub-folders) for possible Facebook® JPG images. These images are identified by running several filters on the file name. The file name contains the Facebook® user/profile ID and therefore can indicate which Facebook® user the photo came from. An HTML report file is created in the user selected output folder containing the file name, the Created/Modified/Last Accessed times, a link to the possible Facebook® profile, an MD5 hash of the image, and the image itself. All located images are also copied into the output folder.

System requirements
- FJF has been tested on Windows XP and Windows Vista. It should run fine on Windows 2000/2003 Server but will NOT run on Windows 9x and prior.
- Testing with 64 bit Windows and Windows 7 will be done soon but FJF should run on these systems fine too.
- Disk and memory requirements are very minimal, if you can run Windows XP you can run FJF.

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